The New Revolution in Magnetic Drilling: Mag Drill Disruptor 55

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MagDrill Disruptor 55 Steel Drilling

Magswitch Technology, a company that specializes in magnetic technology solutions, introduces a brand new revolution in magnetic drilling: MagDrill Disruptor 55. By combining Magswitch’s patent-pending switchable magnet technology and Euroboor’s new lightweight yet powerful drill, they have created a tool that is capable of quickly and safely drilling on contoured and flat surfaces.

The patented ON/OFF magnetic technology allows the drill to hold strong on thick or thin steel. The base automatically pivots to conform to any pipe 3-1/2’’ or larger in diameter. This allows for a much more efficient field on thin material, allowing more consistent tip forces up to full saturation.

 “Since the base swivels, it can be used on flat and curved surfaces without the need for expensive adapters. The base magnets can be partially actuated in order to slide the drill into precise position. While one magnet is turned off, the other magnet can still hold while pivoting the tool in place for cleaning and hole inspection without removing the drill. This can be a huge time and money saver for the user.” said Shane Felton, the New Product Development Engineer for Magswitch Technology Inc.

Safety is so crucial when it comes to using equipment. Since Magswitch magnets require no power, the tool stays secured to the workpiece in the event of a power failure. In the event of the tool falling from the workpiece, the drill spindle will automatically come to a stop.

With the incredibly powerful motor, the drill can cut holes up to 2 ¼’’ diameter, up to 6.5’’ deep. It does all that while maintaining a strong grip on thin steel! Furthermore, it has a reversible setting for tapping, a feature a lot of competitive products are currently lacking.

All these powerful features and the MagDrill Disruptor 55 weighs just 39 lbs (approx. 17.6 kg). The drill comes with tons of accessories such as drill guard, coolant system quick connect, auto coolant, bottle cutting oil, allen keys, safety chain, spindle drift, oil tank, morse taper 3 spindle, ear plugs, goggles and protective gloves.

Magswitch believes in changing the way things are done and paving the way for technology in the future. Safety, efficiency, strength, power and ease of use are just a few reasons why the MagDrill Disruptor 55 will transform the way drilling and tapping is done.


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