MagJigs featured in Woodworker's Journal!

Our Magjigs was chosen as the 'Pick of the Tricks' by the Woodworker's Journal! This is what Pat Keeler from Manning, South Carolina says. 

"A pair of Magswitch MagJig Magnetic Clamps provide great holding power for the drill press table accessory you see here. I made mine from a piece of 3/4'' scrap plywood, and I cut a dado across the middle of it to fit a 2 1/2'' wide, replaceable drilling surface (mine is 1/4'' thick scrap). I screwed a fence to the table, too. By sliding the table one way or the other, you can adjust the fence's distance from the chuck as needed. It's easy to set and lock the table to your drill press's metal table underneath by just twisting the magnets to activate them, and you won't need extra clamps to secure it. Very handy!"

Feature from the Woodworker's Journal below!

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