Magswitch Free-Floating Sheet Fanner - 8100871

$1,017 USD

Magswitch free-floating magnetic sheet fanner is great for separating stacks of thin steel sheets. Attach this unit to the side of a stack of steel to separate the top sheet. This unit will automatically travel down the stack as sheets are removed maintaining a consistent fan.  Customize this tool for all your needs by contacting our engineering team at


  • Tackles any stack at any height with ease.
  • Chamfer design allows for fanning on uneven stacks.
  • Features a guide rod bearing for more controlled movement down a stack.
  • Pair with Magswitch automation tools for a complete press loading solution.
  • Manual ON/OFF actuation, it offers a safe and efficient way to separate steel sheets.


Net Weight 14.8 lbs/ 6.7 kg
Overall Height 228.1 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint 143.1×110.5 mm
Guide Rod Bushing Inner Diameter 29 mm

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