Magswitch MagDrill Disruptor 43 - 81001240

$1,359 USD

Magswitch MagDrill Disruptor 43 is the newest swivel base magnetic drill press! With superior magnetic performance on a range of steel-flat or curved surfaces, this middle-level drill is packed with power and added features!

  • Powered by our patented technology, our magnets do not require electricity and stays in place during power loss.
  • Lightweight, compact and safe magnetic drill.
  • Drill holds strong on thick or thin steel (down to 11 gauge!).
  • Swivel base can be used on flat as well as curved surfaces.
  • Can be used on 3” pipe and up, inside or outside the curve.
  • The base magnets can be ‘partially actuated’ in order to slide the drill into precise position.
  • Easy cleaning, inspection and maintenance as one magnet can be turned off and the other can still hold while pivoting the tool.
  • Drill cuts holes up to 1-11/16” in diameter and 1-11/16” deep.
  • Standard ¾” Weldon spindle will take popular cutters.



Magnetic Strength* 1172 lbs/ 532 kg
Full Saturation Thickness 0.5”/12.7 mm
Max Tip Force (Full Saturation) 609 lbs/ 276 kg
Smallest Pipe Diameter 3.5” /90 mm
Speed (No Load) 100-730 RPM
Drill Stroke 5.1”/130 mm
Max Cutter Diameter Ø 1 11/16’’/ Ø 43 mm
Net Weight 26.2 lbs/11.9 kg

* Max Breakaway determined in a laboratory environment on 2” thick SAE1018 Steel with surface roughness 63 microinches.



MagDrill Disruptor 43 Flyer

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