One of the most common issues when welding is a faulty ground connection. Magswitch grounding clamps provide a welding ground in significantly more welding situations than traditional welding clamps. Magswitch ground clamps offer distinct advantages over other magnetic grounds. Utilizing Magswitch’s true ON/OFF technology, welding debris falls right off our magnetic ground clamps when turned off, making jobs easier and less frustrating than traditional magnetic ground clamps. Traditional magnetic ground clamps collect debris because they do not turn off, making them difficult to clean and very frustrating to use. Magswitch magnetic ground clamps are available in three different sizes, include 300 amp, 600 amp, and 800 amp models. With its 75 pounds of shear grip strength, the Magswitch 800 amp welding clamp is ideal for use when grounding a heavy gauge ground cable to a vertical surface such as a tank, ship or any other steel surface. In addition, our grounding clamps are featured with fins on the outside of the clamp that are used to diffuse the heat created through the welding process. Overall, Magswitch magnetic ground clamps deliver an easy to use ground, which reduces the setup time, the cleanup time, and improves the overall welding experience for any types of welders.

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