Magswitch offers a line of steel fabrication equipment and sheet metal fabrication tools designed to improve safety and efficiency. Welders and fabricators are continually required to weld temporary weldments or pad eyes in order to push, pull or lift steel during the fabrication process. Magswitch steel fabrication equipment is designed to replace these temporary weldments with super strong magnetic tools. Gone are the days of welding a part in place just to cut it off and grind it smooth after the project is complete. One of our metal fabrication tools, the MagPress allows a welder to level and weld a seam 100 times faster than dogs and wedges. The MagPress can we used in a variety of applications, including storage tank building, ship building, trailer building, and many more. If you are trying to align two plates of steel, try the MagPress and reduce the frustration and time to complete the job. For larger stiffener beam alignment applications, Magswitch offers a brand new solution – the Adjustable Stiff Jack. The time it takes to place and weld 5 stiffener beams in place using old technology steel fabrication equipment during the shipbuilding process, workers using the Magswitch Adjustable Stiff Jack can install 25 beams – a significant reduction for many applications. Magswitch sheet metal tools make the process of heavy fabrication safer, easier, and more efficient. Take a closer look at these dynamic tools and discover ways to increase productivity in your process.

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