Magswitch provides a high quality line of material handling magnets that make moving steel easier and safer than conventional methods. Our super strong, high powered magnets create significant magnetic force without the need for electricity. Unlike electromagnets, Magswitch material handling magnets will not drop a part due to an unintended power failure. Magswitch lifting magnets turn completely on and off by simply rotating a handle. Magswitch Technology offers several distinct advantages over older technology lifting magnets. In the off position, the magnetic field is completely collapsed; therefore Magswitch lifting magnets stay clean in fabricating and manufacturing environments. The Magswitch safety latch system meets or exceeds all domestic and international lifting safety standards. Because Magswitch high powered magnets have a concentrated shallow magnetic field, they are able to attain super strong grip even on thin steel. The magnetic grip exhibited by a lifting magnet is dependent on the thickness of the part being lifted. As parts get thinner, the magnetic force drops significantly. Most material handling magnetics require a steel target 2” thick or thicker to attain their full strength rating. Magswitch high powered magnets achieve their full strength on steel as thin as ½” or thinner! If all this wasn’t enough, Magswitch lifting magnets weigh 50-80% less than old-technology material handling magnets.

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