When it comes to hand held magnets, the Magswitch hand lifter line is a must for handling hot, sharp, dirty and dangerous pieces of material. These magnetic pickup tools are an absolute must have for any cutting table! Our hand lifters are available in both manually actuated and electrically actuated hand held magnets. Magswitch magnetic pickup tools provide a solution that replaces the need to remove hot parts by hand. These hand lifters also allow users greater reach while eliminating pinch points and other hazards. Magswitch has released a new line of hand held magnets that offer up to four times the magnets grip of existing hand lifters. No more prying parts out of cutting tables or using fingers to do the job. Our hand held magnets significantly improve the safety of these tasks while increasing productivity. Magswitch hand lifters are offered in various sizes to accommodate different applications. Electrically actuated lifters make handling parts even easier. Fixed dual hand lifters provide a two man operation for heavier parts, adding to the flexibility and use in more applications. The use of these versatile tools make jobs easier and faster.

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