Magswitch provides a line of underwater magnets that are critical pieces of equipment for diving, military, transport, under water welding applications and much more. These underwater magnets allow users the ability to create tethering points for tools and gear. Our marine magnets known as “MagTethers” can be used to tether equipment and keep underwater welding gear close to the operator. In addition to securing underwater welding gear, Magswitch marine magnets can be used above water to tether other important marine equipment. These Marine magnets have a corrosive-resistant coating and can be used above or below the water level to protect the unit from salt water and other corrosive elements. Easy actuation on Magswitch marine magnets allows for simple ON/OFF use under water and also includes a positive lock to keep the magnet in place. These underwater magnets are not to be used as a fall protection device but are crucial when it comes to quick and easy tethering of tools. Let Magswitch be your simple solution for Marine Magnets!

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