Bandsaw Featherboard DIY Kit - 8800946 PRE-ORDER

$79.99 USD

Pre-Order your very own Bandsaw Featherboard DIY Kit! First 50 will be delivered by the end of December and the rest in the New Year!

The Bandsaw Featherboard is a safety attachment which pushes the workpiece against a fence during feeding to prevent wandering and binding. Attach it to steel bandsaw tables with the feathers in compression to apply even force. When rotated 180°, an array of six bearings allow it to function as a vertical roller guide for easy feeding of tall stock.


  • Includes two Magjig 150’s for strong holding forces
  • Wide footprint for stability
  • Magnet footprint spans most miter slots
  • Functional in left or right-handed positions
  • Knobs improve visibility of magnet ON/OFF state
  • Print or modify your own featherboard components with the provided solid model files.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 Magjig 150s
  • 4 Magjig mounting screws
  • 2 connecting bolts
  • 2 connecting thumb nuts
  • 6 bearings
  • 2 bearing shafts

*NOTE: Plastic featherboard components which hold roller bearings and magjigs are not supplied as part of the kit!

Download Specs & Assembly Instructions
Download 3D Print Files

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