Mag-Utility Hook 25 - Orange ACMS25

$18.50 USD $36.99 USD

The Mag-Utility Hook 25 is a perfect universal tool as a quick connect-disconnect hanger. It is great for use around the shop or job site. Push down on the hook and twist to completely turn On/Off magnetic force to hold lines, hoses, lights, and tools!


  • On/Off Switchable magnet.
  • Attaches to flat or round surfaces.
  • Max hold weight is 25 lbs on steel .25” or thicker.
  • Locking handle for safety.
  • Stays clean as magnet turns off completely.


  • Max Breakway: 120 lbs/52.5 kg
  • Full Saturation Thickness: 11g/3.05mm
  • 2:1 Shear Working Load: 20 lbs/9 kg
  • Product Weight: 0.4 lbs/0.2 kg
  • Overall Height: 89mm
  • Magnetic Pole Footprint: 40 mm diameter

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