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MagMount 400

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The MagMount 400 is perfect for top mount tools, measuring or security devices. It has a single lever operation switchable magnet that allows for easy movement and placement of a tool.


  • This fixturing tool is versatile and can be used in fixed plant or job site applications, or for items being transported.
  • 90 degree actuation, fast precise positioning with strong hold.
  • The top mount magnets feature two magnets are ideal for supporting fixtures over a distance.
  • The fixed bar magnet is for flat steel, the swivel bar magnet is for round or uneven shapes.


  • Max Breakaway: 400 lbs/182 kg
  • Full Saturation Thickness: 1/4''/6mm
  • Product Weight: 1.2 lbs/0.5 kg
  • Overall Height: 65mm
  • Magnetic Pole Footprint: 64mm x 41.26mm

Part # 8100523

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