BoomerAngle 600

$ 360.99

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Adjustable Switchable Magnetic Welding Angle


  • Versatile: rotating Magswitches for virtually unlimited angles
  • 10” adjustable angle featuring two super-strong 50mm MagSquares, each with up to 550-lb breakaway force
  • Unlike competitive brands, when the Magswitch is off, it easily allows debris to fall away
  • Fast, easy on/off magnet control
  • Reversible for inside or outside hold
  • Holds flat and pipe
  • 180-degree turn off the Magswitch knob to activate/deactivate
  • Magswitch holding force gradually increases as knob is turned, allowing precise positioning
  • Preset positions for 90-degree inside and out?Non-marring hold
  • Unlike competitive brands, when the Magswitch is off, debris easily falls away
  • Never before has a super-strong permanent magnet been so easy to control
  • Magswitch has created a powerful magnetic device that can be turned on and off with a simple half turn of a knob
  • No batteries
  • No electricity

# 8100090

Manufactured By:  Magswitch Technology

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Also found on Fastenal (0851315) 

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