Hand Lifter 60-M

$ 122.99

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Manual On/Off, Combination Magnetic Hand lifter/sheet dragger, for all your small steel handling needs.


  • On/Off Magswitch Magnet control -Stays clean
  • Super strong Magnet up to 200 lb. (91 kg) of grip
  • Nearly 3 times the recommended safe working load limit of 60 lb. (32)
  • Simple 180 degree turn of a knob to turn the magnet on or off.
  • Pipe groove for transporting various size pipe.
  • Pivot handle with multi settings (for sheet dragging) or locking handle vertical for use as a (hand Lifter)


    • Safely pick up hot, sharp or dirty steel without touching it.
    • Easy On/Off magnet for fast efficient steel transport
    • Strong magnet allows transport of heavier material.

    Productivity Advantage:

    • Fast pick up and transport of small steel loads.
    • No need to manhandle steel or fight magnets in moving steel.

    Safety Advantages:

    • Super strong Magnet gives you added security in handling heavy steel.
    • No more picking up sharp or hot steel with your hands.

    Affordably Priced!! Features our new 40mm 200 lb. (90.91 kg) Magswitch magnet. Sized for the Job! A must for every Fab shop!

    # 8100359

    Manufactured by: Magswitch Technology

    Also found on McMaster-Carr (5839139)

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