Magswitch J50 - 81401007

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Magswitch J50 - 81401007

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The J50 features integrated smart technology with enhanced real-time feedback via sensor integration. Handle double blank detection without clunky external sensors. Calibrate the tool to confirm if the correct part is present or identify dangling components via pole contact detection.

  • Eliminates the need for additional sensors.
  • Real-time feedback related to pole contact.
  • Field calibration enables user to configure tools for specific applications.
  • Ability to store multiple calibrations.
  • Improved pole shoe mounting.
  • Repeatable NAAMS mounting.
  • Built for bin picking applications and any process requiring correct part verification.




Cables & Control Boxes

  • 8800794 M12 – 12 pin to dual 5 pin cable adapter
  • 8800795 M12 – 12 pin right angle female to pigtail 2m
  • 8800796 M12 – 12 pin right angle female to pigtail 5m
  • 8800752 M12 – 12 pin Right angle female to straight male 5m
  • 8800720 Control/Teach Box

Pole Shoes are required and is not included in this base tool.


The Magswitch engineering team is standing by to modify this tool to enhance your operations at


J50 Spec Sheet