MagTether 300

$ 463.99

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Features :

  • Superior holding force on Thin Steel and Air gaps
  • Compact, lighter weight
  • On / Off Permanent magnet – no electricity
  • Pipe notch for lifting round

Benefits :

  • Outperforms other magnetic lifters on Thin Steel.
  • Superior performance in the presence of Air Gaps: uneven surfaces.
  • Lighter weight more compact unit
  • Stays clean - when off, debris falls off


  • Safe Tethering to work place
  • Tethering for equipment drop
  • Alongside and below the surface mooring
  • Extra hand as a fixture tool
  • Fixture base for monitoring equipment

Safety Advantage : Better performance in presence of air gaps.

Breakaway strength: 249Lbs
Maximum safe lifting: 3:1 –82Lbs
Dimensions(Imperial): H 7.24x L 4.17x D 2.03”
Dimensions(Metric): H 184 x L 106 x D 51.5mm

# 8100111

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