Buy a heavy lifter, get a MagDolly 50% off!

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We are celebration Welding and Woodworking Month! For this month only, buy a heavy lifter and get a MagDolly 50% off! Simply choose the lifter that you want, add to cart and checkout! No promo required!


The collapsible dolly has a lifting capacity of 350 pounds and 2 solid rubber wheels and is designed to lift and carry heavy sheets, pipes or any steel objects. No more getting down on your knees or pinching your fingers to move heavy manhole covers. 


• Safer for your back, knees, and hands.
• Allows one person to move heavy objects.
• Fast set up, sturdy and reliable.
• Maintains control and stays clean.
• Maneuvers on uneven surfaces.
• Does not use an electrical power source.

    MLAY600 Series

    • Perfect for small materials and light to medium lifting.
    • Lightweight with a small profile.
    • Feature full swivel hook for lifting from the top or the side.
    • Locking handle to ensure release of load is only intentional.
    • With full field saturation, hold force at 0.5 in (12.7mm), these lifters are ideal for thinner steel, but hold thick steel just as well.

    Compatible to MagDolly: MLAY600, MLAY600x2, MLAY600x4

    MLAY1000 Series

    • Achieve full hold on approximately 1in (25.4mm) thick steel.
    • Feature full swivel hook for lifting from the top or the side.
    • Each lifter is manually activated and features a safety lock in both ON and OFF position.
    • Features replaceable pole shoes
    that can be customized to fit into
    your application.
    • Ideal for porous material and thick steel.

    Compatible to MagDolly: MLAY1000, MLAY1000x2, MLAY1000x3 (Ideal)

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