Heavy Lifting Magnets

Industrial Magnets

Magswitch Technology has created a line of industrial magnets which drive productivity improvements while making the workplace safer. Our powerful magnets are designed provide a strong hold on thin materials which differentiates our industrial magnets from other magnetic tools on the market. Magswitch powerful magnets are utilized in industries ranging from small fabrication shops to large-scales shipbuilding and even industrial automation for the automotive and white goods manufacturing. These industrial magnets utilize a proprietary technology which allows Magswitch to manipulate a magnetic field without requiring electricity. When these powerful magnets are turned on, the field is more concentrated and directed into the steel surface with greater efficiency. The tool is much stronger on thin material and can then be turned all the way off, offering better control than other industrial magnets. With access to the entire line of Magswitch magnetic tools and expedited shipping available, is the resource for customer all over the world when they just can’t wait to begin their Magswitch experience!