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Mag-Tools is an independent distributor of Magnetic Tools and Products and sells only genuine Magnetic tools and Accessories by Magswitch.

Mag-Tools is currently the only online retailer that is offering the complete line of Magswitch Tools and products, featuring Woodworking, Welding/Fabrication, Automotive and Public Works tools from Magswitch.

Magswitch Technology

 is a super-strong magnet that can be turned on and off with the half-turn of a knob. Magswitch works without the use of electricity. As with all Magswitch Tools when the Magswitch is off it allows debris to fall away, thus keeping the magnets clean and allowing them to be used over and over again. Magswitch saves you time and money by changing the way things are done!!

 The uses for Magswitch products are only limited to your imagination.

Mag-Tools currently offers two dozen Magswitch Tools and Products, including Magswitch Magnetic Featherboards, Magswitch MagJigs, Magswitch Magnetic Ground Clamps, Magswitch MagSquares, Magswitch Hanging Hooks, Magswitch Boomerangle Adjustable Magnetic Welding Angles, Magswitch 90 degree Welding Angles, Magswitch Medium and Magswitch Heavy Duty Lifting Magnets, Magswitch Manhole Lifter System, Magswitch Valvebox Lifter and the Magswitch Extend A lift.

Magswitch was awarded Wood Magazine’s hot new tool for 2007 for it's revolutionary line of switchable magnetic Featherboards, MagJigs and MagSquares.

 Wood Magazine has Voted the Magswitch MagFence Woodworking Guide System it's Top New Tool for 2009!
“All Magswitch products are intended for the use identified on the package   - products may not be redistributed, altered or used in other products.  Contact Magswitch for interest in integration of technology.”