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By using our patented technology, Magswitch has created a line of woodworking equipment that replaces many carpentry tools on the market today. These woodworking tools improve safety and accuracy of cuts while offering a speedy setup on saws and other woodworking equipment. The days of fighting with hardware in slots and tracks in order to accommodate fences, guides and featherboards is now over. Magswitch offers a range of carpenter tools that allow for a fast setup, anywhere on a steel or cast iron surface. Magswitch has a complete line of standalone featherboards to keep your workpiece well supported while making cuts. Magswitch also sells our powerful magnetic jigs separately so woodworkers can incorporate them into custom jigs and other carpenter tools. Our quick and easy setup can be used anywhere on the table by simply cutting 2 holes in ¾” material and inserting the MagJig’s. Would you like to have all work holding capabilities in one package? Our Starter Kit includes a removable featherboard and two MagJig 150’s. It features a universal base platform that provides woodworking professionals with the ability to add other carpentry tools later on such as our roller, re-saw, rip and fence guides. Magswitch carpenter tools utilize the powerful Magswitch magnets and allow users to mount jigs and other safety devices anywhere on their cast iron or steel top table or fence. Woodworkers and carpenters all over the world are raving about this amazing line of woodworking equipment.

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